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Host Your Own Murder Mystery

How to Dress for a Murder Mystery Party

A murder mystery party lives or dies, pun intended, on atmosphere. Your host is responsible for creating visual drama (or maybe even melodrama) in her home. The idea is that everyone comes together in a communal spirit of mysterious energy. Remember that you are responsible for arriving in a style suited to said drama. A [...]

5 Indispensable Cocktails for Your Murder Mystery Party

1) The Vodka Martini Classic. Yummy.  Simple. And an alternative for those guests who are not so much into gin. Make sure that you have martini glasses on hand.  A martini without a glass is, well, not a martini.  The 1950s version of this ubiquitous drink is 3 parts vodka and 0.5 part Noilly Prat [...]

Planning a Dinner Menu – For a Murder Mystery Party

Planning the menu for a dinner party is a creative yet practical process. You want to present healthy, attractive courses that taste delicious but don’t keep you in the kitchen — away from the action. The food should fit the mood, as well. A evening of mystery evokes a sense of days past, think of [...]

Learn from the Pros

Have you been to dinner theatre where murder is on the menu? Troupes like the one at Gourmet Detective in southern California entertain diners with hilarity, drama, and intrigue — all while they are served a sumptuous meal. Are you intrigued? Some spirited hosts create such evenings  in the intimacy of their own homes. Attending a [...]

How to Host a Murder Mystery Dinner

Intrigue. Spookiness. Flickering shadows. Suspense. Who does not love a murder mystery? Don’t we all want to be invited to step out of our busy lives — just for a night — and into the elegance of a past time? Where we will not only dine, but be thrilled by an unexpected event? A murder, [...]