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Waiter, there's a gun in my soup!

Dining With The Gourmet Detective

A Dinner to Die For

We started out with a simple premise, make the food as good as the story. No easy task as we first had to have a good story. But seriously, the evening is only as fun, upbeat, exciting and valuable as its weakest link. Ask anyone that's been to a "dinner show" of any kind and the expectations of great food are pretty low. Hence the name Gourmet Detective rather than "dinner" detective. With that said, it is a pretty unsavory crew serving you dinner, blackmailers, underworld mobsters, mistresses, philanderers, and sharks of every kind, so sometimes we forget to serve from the left and clear from the right, but these little details tend to fall by the wayside when there's a corpse in the back office. Regardless, pick a location, pick a show, and pick an entree and enjoy a complete experience of great food and mystery.

Menus at Our Respective Locations

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