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Opening Night Poster of Murder at the Cafe Noir

Show History

Professionals in the food and murder business since 1990.

November 2nd, 2011 marks the 21st anniversary for this small theater production company. Comical murder mystery dinner theater seemed like a passing fancy back then, however, we made our very own version of mystery dinner shows a landmark for Southland mystery lovers. It’s been a wild ride. Since the opening night back in 1990 the company has produced 11 original murder mystery plays, won numerous “Best of” awards from Orange Coast Magazine, Sunset Magazine, and even FoxLA, and has exposed hundreds of local actors to the art of audience friendly improvisation.

Our most valued assets are our performers. We spend a lot of time coaching the performers, and creating a positive audience experience. It’s mission critical in an interactive environment to make the audience feel safe and comfortable. That way the viewer/participant will become more engaged and ‘play’ with the performers. Once the audience is engaged the real fun begins. Actually, the fun begins the moment you step into the restaurant. The characters run the restaurant, and you, the audience, become part of the scene; as characters reminiscent of the romantic films of the past greet you at the front door, show you to your table, and even serve you dinner throughout the evening.

Here's a run down of the Gourmet Detective's history of original murder mystery plays, starting with our inaugural show, Murder at the Cafe Noir.

Murder at the Cafe Noir, 1990

Set in St. Vincent Island and the Caribbean’s finest club around… read more

Mumm's the Word, 1991

The story is set the day after the St. Valentine's Day Massacre inside the infamous... read more

Noir Suspicions, 1993

The Continuing adventures of Rick Archer, P.I. and the "Cafe Noir." Rick, now the... read more

A Case of Do or Die, 1995

Set in the post depression underworld, anybody and everybody is simply trying to make a buck... read more

Abra Cadaver, 1996

Magic, mystery and mayhem all conspire to make a plot with more twists than a snake on a hot plate... read more

Death Under Cover, 1998

This comical tale of allied espionage is set in Britain during the early days of... read more

Nancy Hardy and the Riddle of the Sphinx, 2000

The antithesis of Agatha Christie, with little proper stiff-upper-lipping the story... read more

Stay Tuned for Murder, 2002

It’s Hollywood, 1940, and radio is king. Tonight, join the in-studio... read more

Your Dinner or Your Life, 2005

Step into a world of intrigue, love, deceit and drama. Okay, how about... read more

Darling You Slay Me, 2008

Welcome to Broadway! It’s opening night and you’re invited to an exclusive... read more

Get Cartier, 2010

We’re in the French Riviera, 1962. Four former comrades-in-arms and their... read more